Get Your Friends Knitting! All About our Free Ebook for Beginners

If you haven’t heard already, Anna and I (Sarah) have written an ebook:

Keep Calm and Get Knitting! A short and simple guide
We created this ebook because we wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to get knitting! We wanted to distill the information we have learned down to the very basics and for this information to be accessible without any financial barriers. The book covers all the basics anyone would need to get started, without so much information as to be overwhelming.

What is included with the ebook?

We cover materials, the most basic stitches and techniques, how to swatch, how to read a pattern, and even a free pattern for a super simple headband with a pretty twist on the front. We also give tips and suggestions on where to go when you’re ready to build upon these basics and move towards more advanced techniques and patterns. It includes beautiful technical drawings from our illustrator Charline, giving step by step instructions on how to knit, purl, cast on and cast off, and we have created YouTube videos to work seamlessly alongside the ebook’s instructions.

Easy Peasy Headband 2 (1)

Who is it for?

While our ebook is aimed at total beginners, people who may never have touched a knitting needle in their lives, it’s packed with lots of information for any near beginners or intermediate knitters who want to refresh some of the fundamentals. It’s also for any knitters who have been trying to convince their friends to give this incredible craft a try – so make sure to share it as widely as possible and spread the knitting love!

The ebook is available in both English and French, and includes both metric and US measurements and needle sizes.

What materials do you need?

The ebook covers everything you will need to get knitting, make your first swatch and complete the included Easy Peasy Headband pattern! For this pattern, you’ll need one ball of our Along avec Anna Double Merino yarn and some 4 mm needles (straight or circular), as well as some scissors and a tapestry needle. You can check out our Double Merino colourways here!

How do we get our hands on it?

You can download the ebook for free here! You’ll be signed up for our newsletter automatically (if you aren’t already) and can unsubscribe at any time.

Please just let us know if you have any additional questions! You can reach out at [email protected]
We hope you love this free ressource and that it encourages you or others to keep calm and get knitting!

Sarah xxx

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