Come Along avec Anna: Feb Favourites!

This month we interviewed Anna to find out what she’s loving at the moment! Read on to hear all about her favourite things right now, in knitting and in life! 

Favourite pattern

The Belledonne Slipover has been one of my favourite to wear this month. I’m wearing it mostly on a lace blouse like this picture, with a pair of high waist shorts or a skirt. It’s the perfect cozy layer in this transition between winter and spring.


Favourite yarn

Even though I tend to knit with our Merino (fingering) and Silk Mohair together, I absolutely love knitting our Double Merino, and this month I’m starting a sample of a new spring design in Rêverie.

Favourite song

Oh, that one is tough ! But I’ve been listening a lot to “Ok Computer” from Radiohead this month, and “Let Down” brings back A LOT of happy memories from my teenage years.

Favourite food

It’s maybe not the most fancy dish, but I really miss having real poutine from Quebec in winter! We try to recreate it at home but it’s not the same without the original cheese. A delicious comfort food.


Favourite drink

My favourite non alcoholic drink will always be a Yorkshire tea with milk – an alcoholic drink I tried recently is Expresso Martini and I was very surprised of how tasty it actually is !

Favourite TV show

There are so many I love but my friends will tell you that I’m obsessed with “The Handmaid’s Tale” and they are right! I was really hopping the we would have the Season 6 this Spring but we probably won’t have it until start of 2025 now. So I had to rewatch the 5 first seasons this winter because, why not !

handmaid's tale

Favourite jumper

Probably the Clovelly Jumper as I LOVE a “Pull Marin” ( traditional stripped Breton jumper). 

For more information on the fascinating history of this jumper, check out our blog article! 


Favourite activity

Apart from knitting? I started running last month and I’m starting to really enjoy it which is a big surprise! All my life I thought I didn’t know how to run (as I wasn’t sure how to breath properly while running) and this year I wanted to try new challenges. I started early January and managed to start running a 5k two weeks later. And only 6 weeks after starting, I managed to do two 10km in just less than a hour which is a massive accomplishment for me ! It’s now been 8 weeks and I enjoy it so much !


What questions do you have for Anna? Leave them in the comments below and make sure to let us know what you’re loving right now! 

Sarah xxx

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