Journalling Prompts for Mindful Knitters

Winter is the classic season of journalling. It is a time when nature’s hibernation invites us to draw inwards both literally and figuratively. It is the perfect time for quiet introspection. January especially feels like a fresh start, a blank white page for us to write on and reflect on. It is a moment to take stock, to rethink, revise or amend where needed and to dream up possibilities for the months to come.

But of course, Winter is also the season of knitting. As any knitter knows, knitting is never just knitting. Our knitting practice taps into our emotions and self-esteem, even our identity. It may be a reflection of our priorities and deep-seated values. It has its roots in our mental and physical health and even the health of our environment and planet more widely. This means that when we slow down to reflect on our knitting practice, on the role it plays or could play in our lives, we move towards the possibility of a more mindful practice that serves us, our communities, and our planet in big or small ways.

Let this be the year you knit with intention, by incorporating knitting into a mindful journalling practice and seeing where it takes you! I’ve come up with some journalling prompts to get you started, so pick up a pen, pick a prompt or three and let’s dig deep.

General prompts

What do you get out of knitting physically, mentally and/or emotionally?

Are there any changes you could make to get even more benefit from your
knitting practice?

What drew you to knitting in the first place and does it play the role you
initially envisaged for it?

How would the last year have been different without knitting?

How does your knitting practice impact those close to you/your community/the

How do you carve out time to knit and are there any changes you would
make to this time management?

What are your knitting goals for the coming year and how do you plan to
achieve them?

Pre-project prompts

Will the yarn pick the project, or the project pick the yarn?

What draws you to and excites you about this specific pattern/designer
over the many others you could pick?

How do you expect to feel while knitting this project, physically, mentally
and/or emotionally?

Post-project prompts

Is the finished object what you expected? Why/why not?

What did this project teach you? Did you learn anything about knitting or
about yourself and your process?

What role do you see the finished object playing in your life (or the
life of your recipient)?

What role do you see the finished object playing in your life (or the
life of your recipient) in five years’ time?

Do you have any questions to add to our list? Or perhaps you have some new year’s knitting resolutions? 

What are some of your answers to the prompts you picked ? We’d love to hear! 

As always, we’d love to hear from you, in the comments below or on Instagram! You can tag us at @along.avec.anna or use the hashtag #alongavecanna!

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