Knit-Chatting with Élise from Along avec Anna

Along avec Anna has come a long way since it started life as a sewing blog back in 2013. We’re now a small team and it seemed high time we introduce you to our team members! For our third interview, we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know a bit more about Élise (@steatches on Instagram), our tech editor!

Tell us about your role at Along avec Anna!

For the past two years, I’ve been in charge of editing and grading most of the Along avec Anna patterns! We brainstorm all the details and the perfect fit via lots of discussions and voice messages. I also lend a hand when needed for pattern support and test knitting.

What is the most challenging and the most rewarding aspect for you ?

Grading the designs is always a bit tricky at first and then ultimately, bit by bit, I manage to make the motifs work alongside the construction and individual sizes. I learn so much every time and it’s so satisfying to see Anna’s designs on all different body types! 

How and when did you first learn to knit?

My mum and grandmother taught me towards the end of secondary school, but it didn’t really stick… Aside from the knit and purl stitch, I had no idea! And it’s possible that starting off with a jumper knitted flat wasn’t the best idea…

When I finished my studies in 2015, I took my straight needles up again, bought a kit from a big company and got back to it! I really got into it this time and discovered circular needles and YouTube tutorials. I made an Instagram and Ravelry account and I haven’t stopped knitting since.

What is it that you love about knitting?

The different textures and the magic of transforming simple balls of yarn into incredible garments!

If you were an Along avec Anna pattern, which one would you be?

That’s a difficult choice! For one of the trickier patterns, I would say the Snow Drop Cardigan – it’s a fun challenge with a stunning result! For a staple, I would say the Romy jumper – an all-time favourite with its drop shoulders and pretty scalloped edge.

And what colourway and fibre would you be, out of our new Along avec Anna yarns?

I’m torn between Céladon and Louve, probably in mohair. I’m fascinated by this fibre, which is both light and cosy and gives the finished garment such a professional look.

And what about your life outside of Along avec Anna?

Outside of Along avec Anna, I’m a wind turbine engineer, a mother to my little Archie (who’s growing up much too fast!) and a fiancée to Vincent, who is also a very creative person! I do some sewing, embroidery (I love making up my own designs!), yoga and meditation in my free time, and sometimes even baking! I’m a big foodie and my guilty pleasure is Breton-style crêpes. And, of course, what would life be without my rabbit, Padmé, who’s been there from the very start of my knitting journey!

Interviewed by Sarah

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