QUIZ: What to knit this Summer

Summer is here and our Knit Out KAL is back!

We at Along avec Anna firmly believe that
 knitting is for every month of the year! It’s time to pack your needles and yarn and go out and enjoy whatever sunshine we may or may not have! And if you’re looking for a pattern to knit this summer (and also wear the summer!) then we have you covered! Here is a short quiz to help you pick between four of our most popular summer patterns, including our newest release! Just note down your letter for each question and add them up at the end for your suggested summer knit!

Section 1

1. Do you enjoy working raglan pieces?

X. Not my thing!

Y. Who doesn’t?

2. What is your favourite construction method?

X. bottom up

Y. Top down

3. How much sun is too much sun?

X. Summer is for sun on my skin!

Y: I will not be sunburning my shoulders this year!

Mostly Xs: go straight on to section 2!

Mostly Ys: skip ahead to section 3

Section 2

1. How do you feel about knitting lace?

A. Once I’ve got into my rhythm, there’s no stopping me!

B. I dabble!

2. Pick a lace style!

A. Clean, clear-cut diamonds

B. Flowy, organic foliage

3. Pick a technique!

A. Double knitting

B. Icord

Mostly A’s: the Iris tank top would be a wonderful choice!

Mostly Bs: why not pick our posy tank top?

The Iris Tank Top

Iris is a tank top that has a beautiful lace pattern all over the body. The shoulders are closed with wide straps that you can tie or not, depending on the style you prefer.


The Posy Tank Top

Posy is a tank top that has a beautiful lace pattern at the bottom, and the rest of the body is in stockinette. It is knitted bottom-up. The shoulders are tied with an Icord.

Posy Tank Top

Section 3

1. What yarn weight would you prefer to knit with?

C. DK all the way

D. Fingering doesn’t scare me and it’s nice and fine for summer wear!

2. Pick a neckline detail!

C. Ribbing

D. Icord

3. Do you prefer your t-shirts…

C. Multicoloured?

D. … or monochrome?


Mostly C’s: the Brest tee might be the best tee!

Mostly Ds: our Rosa tee would be your cup of tea!

The Brest Tee

Brest is a pattern that can be knitted as a tee version with short sleeves, which will be perfect for summer, or as a jumper version with long sleeves. It has a nice set of colored stripes.


The Rosa Tee

Rosa Tee (Lady) is a summer T-shirt with very beautiful lace on the raglan. It has an opening in the back, which closes with a knot thanks to a pretty Icord added to the neckline. 


Thanks for playing and happy knitting this Summer!

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