Rosa Tee (Lady)


Rosa Tee (Lady) is a summer T-shirt with very beautiful lace on the raglan.
It has an opening in the back, which closes with a knot thanks to a pretty I-cord added to the neckline. Sleeves and lower body are finished with picot hems (or sewn hems if you prefer).

The construction is top-down: the back, the sleeves and the front are knitted back and forth at the start of the project to create an opening for the head at the back (the backs is split in two). After a certain measure, the two parts of the back are joined in the round to close this opening. The sleeves are put on hold in order to knit the body; the sleeve are then knitted one after the other.
The stitches of the neckline are then picked-up to knit an I-cord finish which is tied at the back.

A child version is available on Ravelry & under the name “Rosa Tee (Little)