Kerfany (jumper) is a sweater with pretty balloon sleeves. The set-in sleeves construction gives it a very feminine look. This is the simple but effective design that will be perfect in your wardrobe: delicate, timeless, modern. Knitted with two threads (fingering and mohair), it will be soft, warm and comfortable! You could also knit it with a single strand of DK.

The construction is top-down. The back is cast-on first and short rows are worked on the left shoulder, then on the right shoulder, so as to create the curve of the shoulders. The fronts are then picked-up and worked back and forth. Everything is joined in the round afterwards to knit the body.The stitches from the sleeves are eventually picked-up and worked with short rows as it is a set-in sleeve construction. The sleeves are straight, and decreases are made at the wrist to create this small balloon effect.