Wool Shampoo – Unscented


Wool Shampoo

Wool Shampoo by Tappermade and Along Avec Anna is a Delicate Wash that is non-toxic and allergen-free. The lanolin in the Wool Shampoo acts as a natural conditioner, keeping fibres supple and reducing static. It is pH neutral, sulfate-free, and phosphate-free meaning the Wool Shampoo is great for your most delicate silk and mohair items. It is for this reason that we have called it shampoo, it is delicately washing the natural yarn fibres as gently as you would wash your hair.

Why a solid?

Our Wool Shampoo is packaged without any plastic and it is waterless. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint as we are not shipping water. Wool Shampoo contains non-toxic mild surfactants that are easily biodegradable. This means our Wool Shampoo is kind to the planet.

The bar is 50g and will last approximately 25 hand washes. You can reuse the water for several knits if you would like in order to use it for even more washes.

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