Raguenez is a long and cozy cardigan for the cooler months. It has garter stitch finishes, which gives it a very delicate and feminine look, as well as an eyelet pattern in the lower part of the body. The front of the cardigan is finished with an I-cord made with slipped stitches.

Accessible to beginners. The construction is top-down.

The back is cast-on and then knitted from the neck to the armholes. The stitches are picked up on the cast-on row from the back piece to knit one front, then the other in the same way afterwards, up to the armholes. The three parts are then joined to knit the body with an Icord finish which is done while knitting. The sleeve stitches are picked up to be worked in the round.

It is recommended to knit it with a mohair yarn, combined with a DK type yarn to make it warm and soft. The base used for the sample (Rosie, La Maison Tricotée) is a DK BFL yarn spun directly with a lace Mohair yarn.

This pattern is a pdf download.