Deniza is a V-neck cardigan, which has a very nice colorwork motif on the lower body and on the bottom of the sleeves.

The construction is top-down: the back is cast-on and knitted back and forth to the armholes. Both fronts are knitted by picking-up shoulders on the shoulder line and knit back and forth to the armhole. The back and the front are then joined to knit the body and stitches in the center are cast-on to create the steek. This way, the rest of the body is knit in the round. The stitches of the sleeves are picked-up to knit from the armhole to the wrist.

Finally, the front is cut in the center with the steek technique.The body and neck stitches are picked-up to knit the button plackets, with short rows to form a wider collar on the neck.

This pattern is a digital pdf.