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Épisode 17 : C'est le printemps!

Bonjour et bienvenue sur ce nouvel épisode de podcast!

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* Tricot *

Projet Terminé

Projets en-cours


  • Laine Madelaine et Filibert, Big Sock – coloris Canterbury et Guernesey pour le châle I Smell Snow, de Mandarine’s.
  • Laine The Wool Barm, Twist Sock – coloris Bramble
  • Laine Magazine, Issue 4
  • Livre : Je me mets au tricot, de Lise Tailor

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  • 1 avril 2018
    J. Lynn Sonnier

    Thank you SO MUCH for the English version! I thouroghly enjoyed every bit! I found you through a mention from Hey Sisters podcast. PLEASE continue in English. Your sewing and knitting projects are lovely and inspiring and was really enjoyable to watch. Thank you for taking the time to podcast!😊👍🏻

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