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Segur - Cozy Little World

Hello everyone! I hope you are well and that you have a nice summer where you live! In England, we are at this moment in the full week of ‘heat wave’ that we had already had last summer at the same time. I’m hoping that this time the summer will be as beautiful in the coming weeks !! Because this year, I’ve sewn many project !!

I told you in recent episodes of podcasts but I didn’t sew much last spring/summer. I had made some patterns in the late spring but I couldn’t take any pictures because of the weather. Then, having spent most of the summer away from home without a sewing machine, I didn’t sew anything.

This year I’m more optimistic, but especially because I had real favorites regarding patterns: the Leaf dress from the french brand Dessine-moi un patron that I recently sewn in a beautiful double pink gauze and the pattern of the top/dress Ségur from Cozy Little World.

When Fanny, the creator of Cozy Little World released the visuals, and then the pattern, I immediately new I needed it! Not all versions fit me because some were a bit overdressed for me, but I loved her version of the ruffled top in a red fabric. To be honest, I immediately bought the pattern! This happens to me relatively rarely right after the release.

The pattern is available from size 34 to 44 in pdf and paper. I was absolutely delighted that a pdf version was available because when I like something and I decide to find time to sew, I love to do it right away! Call me impatient if you want 😉
Be aware that on the pdf version, the designer has created layers to allow you to print only your size. However, I did not manage to find the option on Aperçu (mac) but I know that it is possible with other softwares. The pattern includes a lot of pieces but everything is mentioned to know which parts to select to make your version. The only negative point (which remains personal) is that the seam allowances are not included in the pattern. And I admit that I hate that! Especially when I decide to sew fluid or more complex fabrics … Of course you just have to put your pieces and add them … but that’s more work and it’s sometimes hard to find time with a child.
For this first version I basically wanted to make the ruffle at the bottom. However, my fabric was a bit rigid so I knew early on that the result would be heavy and not very pretty. So I went for the simpler version, buttoned on the front, in one piece. For straps, I chose those that you tie.
Regarding the fabric I chose a very pretty one from Un chat sur un fil that I liked a lot. It is no longer available at the moment but the site offers other fabrics of the same kind. What I liked a lot about it was the fact that you don’t have to make a bottom hem. You can just cut around the lines so you can leave it ‘raw’. It is possible for a bottom of clothing, sleeve … I didn’t line the fabric because the top was flared enough not to ‘stick’ to the body and show your underwear. I only used a beige cotton to make the finishes inside and it’s perfect. I can tell you that this project is a huge favorite … and yet my version number 2 is even more! And I can not wait to show it to you in more detail soon! What are your favorites for the summer season?

Happy sewing!

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