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Cambie for a wedding

Today is Monday, and to start the week well … we will catch up a bit on the blog. A little, I should actually say a lot! Does this sewing project tell you something? If you’ve been following me for more than a year, you have surely seen it on IG but never on the blog … the fault of the bad weather last summer!

I sewed this pretty dress in May last year for the wedding of my partner’s brother that took place at the end of May in the Lake District. For this occasion, I wanted to sew a dress and I really did not hesitate a long time on the pattern to use: the Cambie dress from Sewaholic, that I have sewn here and here already. I thought about the Anna dress from By Hand London that I love, but I preferred the neckline of the Cambie for a wedding in late May.For the fabric I had a lot of hesitation but while talking with Pretty Mercerie and explaining what I was looking for, Marion directed me to the crepe fabric they had just received at that time. They had several colours, but without surprise I decided to go for pink. I originally wanted a pale pink but they did not have this colour in these fabrics, so I went for the old pink. What I like about this pattern is that the bust of the dress is fully lined. The finishes and the interior of the project are always perfect. It requires a little bit of patience the first time you do it, especially to spread the gathers of the skirt but also the straps. I didn’t need to do a toile because, as I had already done two versions previously, I remembered the size that suited me the most.
The fabric was pretty slippery at the time of the cut, so I used Spray Starsh and followed exactly all the advice I gave you in my special article on how to sew rayon and silk fabrics. It really facilitated every step to make this dress! Again, having no need to make changes, it was even easier as I already knew this pattern. If this is not the case, I advise you to make a first version and see.The little detail that I added on this dress is …. the bow on the side! I liked it a lot in a simple way, but knowing it was a dress to go to a wedding, I found that the bow added a little something more feminine. The only concern I had with the fabric was that the skirt had a lot of static electricity. So you gave me two tips: put deodorant or hairspray on the tights, or moisturizer if bare legs. As it was very sunny that day, I did not put tights on, so I used the trick of the moisturizer. And it worked well!
In the end, this dress was perfect but I was really hot in it because the weather was very very beautiful (more than 30 degrees that day!)! I can’t believe I was afraid of being cold … Well it was far from being the case! I do not have a wedding this year, but I’m sure I’ll find other opportunities to wear this dress again.

Very nice week to all!


  • 7 July 2018

    I would love to read your blog but it is difficult to navigate. There is also the band at the top (the one that says English My patterns Blog etc ) which just moves over the top of all the pictures as I scroll cutting them off as it won’t go away and moves with the content as I scroll. I would love to read about all your pretty makes but it is very tricky. I Will go and look at your nice instagram pictures instead. Thank you for your podcast in English it was really lovely, I really appreciate the effort involved.. I especially enjoy all the amazing sewing 🙂

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