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Review : 'Learn to Sew Jersey Tops' - Tilly & The Buttons

Happy Saturday to you all! As promised, I’m writing to you a second time this week to tell you more about the online course ‘‘Learn to Sew Jersey Tops’ from Tilly & The Buttons.
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Tilly Walnes is the creator of the sewing website Tilly & The Buttons, which offers very attractive sewing patterns, and now online courses. She started this blog several years ago, and used to share her sewing projects. In 2013, she took part in the first season of ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’, and since then she has now a full-time sewing career. Tilly has several online courses on her workshops website, but this is the one that I chose to follow because I thought that you might be really interested to have my opinion on it. As probably a lot of you, not so long ago, I was afraid to sew the stretchable fabric that is jersey/knit ! But I think that, with tips and advices, everyone can get started.

This course is available at Tilly & The Buttons. Once you’ve registered, you can view it as many times as you want, for as long as you want. Personally, I find that online courses are a good option when it is too difficult for us to enroll in sewing classes. Whether it’s because of where we live, our occupation, or the budget we can put into our leisure, online courses can be really practical.

This course teaches you to sew jersey tops on your sewing machine. You will learn how to sew the Agnes top, but of course you can use your new knowledge in other projects afterwards.

It is divided into 17 detailed modules :

The first part is more general and teaches you about jersey fabric: where to find your jersey, how to choose your fabric, how to measure the elasticity, how to choose your size, how to cut the fabric… No need to be an expert to view it, you can be a total beginner! Tilly also explains how to use your machine to sew jersey, and what stitches to use. No need to invest in an serger, this course is designed to teach you how to sew with your current sewing machine.

Following this, it goes on to give you tips and tricks to adapt a pattern to your morphology (because we all know that it is sometimes difficult to fit in the standard sizes, even in sewing!), but also to successfully sew this material that is jersey.

Finally, the remaining chapters teach you to sew the Agnes top and explain all the stages to make it. If you have not read it yet, you can find my article on the Agnes top here. As you can see, it is possible to sew it with ruched sleeves, or with a gathered neckline, or both… or neither of them! If you prefer a very simple top, it is possible too.

Like the last review, to summarize, here are my pros and cons from this course.

Come on, let’s start with the positive!

  • This course is for jersey beginners and you learn to sew on a regular sewing machine. Everything is explained, and very clear! And no need to have an overlocker! But if you have one, you can adapt some parts with this machine of course (all assembly seams). But know that most of the details of this pattern are sewn still the classic machine.
  • Once purchased, the course is available with no time limit.
  • Personally I really like the colorful and joyful universe of Tilly. She’s a sweet woman, and she’s smiles a lot. Her voice is set and her speech speed is good.
  • What is great is that the Agnes top pattern is provided with the course.
  • The chapters are on the right side of the page, allowing you to easily navigate from one to the other. It is therefore possible to view only the parts that are important for the version you have chosen.
  • There is a small introduction at the beginning of each chapter, which explains what you will learn.
  • The videos in close-up show very well what Tilly does, whether by machine or by hand (put pins, cut…).
  • Photos illustrating the key steps are also usually provided on the same page, below the video. You can watch the video, then look at the photos, without having to watch several times.
  • There is, below each chapter, a discussion forum where you can ask your questions directly to Tilly. If you look at the past questions, she leaves none unanswered and does not hesitate to give you more advice.
  • All construction stages of the Agnes top are explained in this course. There is, in my opinion, nothing that you can’t understand, even for the more difficult details such as gathers.
  • What I found interesting is that in addition to showing you things, Tilly explains why she does it. For example, you learn why it is important to make certain steps like stabilizing sleeves.
  • Finally, you learn to adapt the pattern to your morphology with a series of tips (changing the neckline, extending the sleeves, lengthening or shortening the bodice).

Cons, well I have only one!

  • This course does not offer videos in each chapter, but sometimes only photos. This is the case in the chapter where she teaches you to adapt the pattern to your size: this chapter is composed of instructions and photos of the steps, which are for Tilly clearer than video. However, all the sewing steps of the Agnes project are in video.

If you are interested in this course, you can register for free on the Tilly & The Buttons workshops website and sign up for ‘Learn to sew jersey tops’. And good news! You can get 10% discount until Friday 25th February at midnight GMT thanks to the code: ANNACOUDRE. So, who’s joining?

I wish you all a very nice weekend!

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