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Me Made Maternity : Patterns & tutorials links

Now that I have released the big news on the blog, I don’t have to hide my baby bump anymore, and I can finally show it to you! I’ve been looking online for a few weeks to find patterns and tutorials to make my own maternity wardrobe. The pregnancy market in Quebec doesn’t have a lot of choice, so I figured that it would be easier/cheaper for me to sew most of my clothes. If I’m not too tired!..
I found quite a lot of things that are easy and not too long to make so, if you’re also pregnant and looking for inspiration, this article is for you! I will try to add new things in the list every time I find something new.

* Pregnancy Patterns *

– The first brand we think about when we say “pregnancy patterns” is Megan Nielsen and her “maternity survival pack“. You can buy each pattern individually, as I did for the top and the skirt as the wraped pattern wasn’t really my style. I will probably mix them to make a dress like Elo did.

MN1006_finished_garment_1_grande MN1008_finished_garment_2_grande

– The second brand is called Atelier Scämmit who recently recently 3 pdfs patterns for pregnant ladies. Note that the instructions are in french.

vignette-robe-grossesse-tokyo-patron-couture-600x651 vignette-robe-grossesse-femme-enceinte-be-pretty-patron-couture-600x651

– An other french brand called Deuxième Arrondissement has ten special patternsfor pregnancy in their collection : tops, dresses, a skirt and even a coat are available. Just note that the instructions are in french and that the patterns are only available in paper.

– On Burdastyle’s website you can find 20 maternity patterns in pdf : they are all from old Burda magazine. Jackets, tops, trousers, you can definitely find your own style! Patterns are all at the price of 5.99$, which is not too bad if you don’t have the magazines at home.

Butterick/McCalls released 8 maternity patterns on their website, directly in pdf, but for a higher price (12,50$).

* Patterns you can adapt *

It’s not because some patterns are not initially made for pregnant ladies that you can’t use/adapt it to fit your baby bump! Here are a few names that you could use.

– The first pattern I can think about is the Aubépine dress from Deer & Doe. The empire waist of this pattern is the best friend of a baby bump! You can find example on Mathilde or Émilie’s websites. The Châtaigne shorts from the same brand is a good pattern for maternity too, and it can fit your bump for a long time : you’ll just have to cut the high waist version in a knit fabric like Gigettedid. Finally, Amandine made a tutorial on her website to transform the Châtaigne shorts into pregnancy trousers.


 – Pregnant women are looking for one thing in particular : to be comfy in their clothes. And it’s even better if it’s nice right! Personally, I really like baby-doll dresses made in knit. The Moneta dress from Colette Patterns is a good pattern to adapt to your bump if you sew the waist under your boobs instead of at your natural waist. That’s what Amanda did with her sleeveless version.
The Plantain tee-shirt from Deer and doe can be adapted to a baby-doll dress as well. Finally, the Out and About dress from Sew Caroline could be used the same way.
For a maxi dress in knit, you could use the latest pattern from Closet Case Files :Sallie Maxi-dress if you change the waist for an empire one.


– For maxi dresses to make in summer in a fluid and think fabric, you can find a few patterns that could be adapt to your baby bump : First of all, the Saltspringfrom Sewaholic, Amanda did (she explains her alterations on her blog); TheSouthport dress from True Bias as well which is even compatible to breastfeeding thanks to the button placket! I’ve made this dress not long ago and I plan to show it to you later in the month.

southport_dress-1880 20140811-2014aug_untitled_005-54

– Shirtdresses are very comfy too for pregnancy! My favorite of all is probably the Alder from Grainline Studio, which offers two options for complete different styles.


* Tutorials *

Many websites offers tutorials to adapt your clothes for pregnancy. For most of them you don’t start from a pattern but from your usual clothes.
DIY Maternity is a website with a lot of tutorials to make your own maternity wardrobe, and some articles are specialized for breastfeeding. This website has been made by 12 different bloggers like Megan Nielsen, and Liz from Cotton & Curls. Note that Liz made a DIY to sew your own Maternity Tankini Swimsuit.

– The second website I really like is Cotton & Curls, by Liz. She released a lot of tutorials to sew your maternity wardrobe, it’s impressive to see the choice you have : a gathered top with empire waist, a circle skirt, or  the (as i call it) Sexy-mama dress in knit, everything is very well explained. Note that you always have to start from your own clothes that you will adapt and that there is no proper pattern on the website.

IMG_7238c-640x960 IMG_7734c1-640x960

A Beautiful Mess released a tutorial to make a maternity top in less than 10 minutes. You can find it here. There are other articles explaining how to sew abelly band, a wraped dress, and a sun dress.

 6a00d8358081ff69e2016768b91058970b-800wi 6a00d8358081ff69e201774392c510970d-800wi

What else :

– A tutorial to make a  maternity mini-shirt on Georgiena’s wesbite.
– A knit gathered skirt with a bow on the back from Elle Apparel
– A  knit pencil skirt on Sewing in No Mans Land
– A very nice wraped dress on Made by me & shared with you’s blog
– A tutorial to adapt your  jeans into maternity ones by Sew Much Ado
– A cute maternity top by Do it yourself divas
– A tutorial to make your own maternity tank by KellyLeaSew

Well, thats all for today! I think that you have now quite a big choice to find what you like and sew your own maternity wardrobe! Of course this list doesn’t cover everything you can find online… If you have any others good addresses, just let me know in the comments!


  • 7 July 2015

    Et bien, voilà un article qui m’aurait été bien utile l’année dernière. J’ai hâte de voir vos prochaines cousettes. Profitez de chaque instant, le temps file à une allure folle quand on est enceinte!

  • 7 July 2015

    Ohhh ! je suis ravie pour toi c’est une très jolie nouvelle ! Félicitations ! Très chouette rétrospective aussi : de quoi faire pour ne pas vivre nue pendant ces 9 merveilleux mois… profites bien de ce temps magique et unique à chaque fois ! Très bonnes coutures…

  • 7 July 2015

    Profitez bien de ces moments précieux qui passent très vite … Ce tour d’horizon des patrons maternité est vraiment top, ! Bonne continuation et bonne couture !

  • 7 July 2015

    Hâte de voir ce que vous allez faire pour habiller ce joli ventre !
    En plus des adaptations pour le ventre il faut souvent prévoir un peu plus d’ampleur à la poitrine quand on détourne un patron classique si on veut pouvoir porter le vêtement jusqu’au bout…

  • 7 July 2015

    il me semble que tu as déjà ce patron : la blouse carme de Pauline Alice peut facilement être transformée en blouse de grossesse, il y a un petit tuto vidéo.
    Il faut simplement décaler la pièce de devant de quelques cm en haut et environ le double en bas, de rallonger aussi un peu le bas et de froncer le long du plastron.
    J’ai fait ca pour ma sœur et ça fonctionne très bien (article sur le blog collectif PA).
    Amuse toi bien 🙂

  • 7 July 2015

    De bien jolis modèles, tu seras superbe; )

  • 7 July 2015

    Merci pour ces bonnes adresses mais trop tard pour moi aussi ! Avec 3 enfants dont des jumelles je passe mon tour et laisse la place aux jeunes … Félicitations, je n’avais pas encore lu l’info, de quoi t’occuper jusque l’arriver du ou de la mini toi ! @mitiés Christine

  • 7 July 2015

    Quel travail de fourmi !! Un grand merci pour cet article, une vraie mine d’or. Je ne me suis pas encore lancée dans la couture de vêtements de grossesse pour le moment… J’ai choisi la facilité en profitant des soldes pour m’acheter quelques vêtements. Mais je ne manquerai pas de revenir à ton article pour y piocher des idées si enfin je venais à me lancer. Bonne couture miss, ton précédent article était adorable 🙂 Bisous !

  • 7 July 2015

    I had completely missed the big news – Big congratulations lovely 🙂 A new arrival in this world is always such joyful news. You look stunning – and you’re planned wardrobe does as well <3

  • 7 July 2015

    Félicitations !!!! Bises caniculaires.

  • 7 July 2015

    Je n’ai rien cousu spécialement pour ma grossesse, par contre j’ai porté non stop mes deux Anouk de Victory patterns, très pratiques. Je t’encourage dans les robes chemises… c’est surtout super pratique pour après, avec l’allaitement !

  • 7 July 2015

    La washi dress de made by rae est aussi parfait sans aucune modification.
    Je la porte encore à 8mois de grossesse.
    Je m’en suis faire trois tellement elle est confortable et seyante 😉

    Bonne grossesse!

  • 13 July 2015

    Super article! très complet! J’ai aussi fait une aubépine avec une ouverture sur le buste pour l’allaitement et je la porte énormément! Je te la conseille! De mon côté je crois que je vais te copier car j’ai bien envie d’un short chataigne de grossesse comme tu l’as montré sur Ig! Il me tarde de voir tes réalisations je suis certaine que ça va être trop beau ! Félicitations (encore!) je suis très heureuse pour toi!

  • 24 July 2015

    Super cette longue liste! Je me permets de rajouter un site français que j’avais trouvé lors de ma grossesse: “atelier des cigognes”. Il y a plusieurs patrons de maternité: 2 jupes, 2 robes, 1 pantalon et 1 top. J’avais réalisé une des jupes qui était très confortable. Félicitations à toi et bonne couture…

  • 11 December 2016

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