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May pattern update

I’m definitely late on this one this month…! And I’m really sorry about it, but between my little girl, my sewing projects and the very nice weather outside (meaning walks and afternoon in the park), I haven’t had much time to sit in front of my laptop and write the blog! But be ready because this article is quite long! A lot of new patterns this month!

* Collection * 

Schnittchen released a full new collection of patterns including : Rose dress, Michelle blouse, Ute dress, Tara top, Swantje skirt, and Mary trousers. All the patterns are very summery and available in paper and pdf. Have you ever tried this brand?

– The second collection released was from Pauline Alice, with three new pattern available in her shop in both paper and pdf : Reina shirt, Saler jacket, and the Safor skirt. Which one is your favourite?

– I haven’t had time to talk to you about it yet, but I recently discovered a new french pattern company called Ready to Sew, and they have already four different top patterns in their shop. Anyone tried it yet?

– Sewing kits are really becoming a thing this year, and the latest company that started their own kit in french and is called  Kits By Klo. You can find their product in their shop. I couldn’t try them either for now, but let me know what you think!

* Tops *

– I posted my version on the blog last month, Jennifer Lauren Vintage released the Hunter top, a very nice crop-top with a knot on the waist, and sleeveless; perfect for sunny days! It’s available in pdf from size UK 10 to UK 28.

Blousette Rose released the Marguerite blouse : a relax fit pattern, with a round neckline. It’s available in pdf.

Delphine et Morisette released two new patterns available in her shop, in pdf : ‘Le grand oublié’ and  ‘Terrible two’.

–  The latest pattern from Straight Stitch Design is the View Ridge top : a nice pattern with a gathered yoke on the front. The pattern is available in pdf.

– Tessuti Fabrics released the Helga shirt. Available in pdf.

Blue Prints released the Geodesic sweatshirt pattern, a pattern with geometric yokes. Two versions are available : Version 1 is a loose fitting crop top that hits at the natural waist and version 2 is a tunic length top with cozy pockets. Available in pdf.

– And an other tee-shirt pattern is available… I feel like it’s starting to be too many of very simple tee-shirt, not you?! This time it’s from Fancy Tiger Craft with the  Wanderlust Tee. It’s available in pdf but I find it very expensive considering the very simple, and already seen, design.

Charlotte Kan released the Garçonne shirt, with a dress option. Pattern available in pdf.

* Bottoms *

– Sew Caroline released her parkside shorts/skirt, a very easy/quick sewing project for a comfy summer. Available in pdf.

– The Axel skirt is the latest pattern released by Megan Nielsen, available in pdf and paper : it’s a fitted knit skirt with a range of different hem finishes : Version 1 is a midi length skirt with a handkerchief hem. Version 2 is an above knee length skirt with hip sashes. Version 3 is a midi length skirt with slit that can be worn in the front or back. In my opinion, it represents really well the company style.

Make My Lemonade continues to release a pattern a month for more than a year now! And this month it’s Carlotta, a high waist shorts with a trapeze fit. Pattern available in paper only.

– Paprika Patterns released the Amber trousers qui est sorti en mai : a very relax fit trousers, with a belt that made me think about the châtaigne shorts (Deer & Doe). Available in pdf.

* Dresses *

Christine Haynes released the Lottie dress and shirt : they are loose fitting wardrobe staples with three sleeve and three length options for 18 mix and match combinations. Available in paper and pdf.

– The Willow tank and dress was released by Grainline Studio : it’s a versatile and reliable staple for all warm weather seasons. It’s fitted at the shoulders and falls into a relaxed fit below the bust. Available in paper and pdf.

– If you are looking for a romantic dress for this summer, you can turn to the latest pattern from Fabrics for Sale : the Peony dress. Available in paper. 

Lily Sage & Co released the Chloé top and dress, and it’s available in paper and pdf.

Les Fusettes released the Dune dress, with a trapeze fit, and a yoke in front and in back. Two versions are available in this pattern, and it has been released only in pdf this time.

Cashmerette released the Upton dress, available in paper and pdf.

* Lingerie *

Elise Patterns released the Chelsea bra, and the pattern is available in paper.

I wish you a very nice day!


  • 16 June 2016

    Je suis d’accord avec toi, les patrons indépendants se multiplient mais rien de très original. J’ai de plus en plus tendance à les délaisser, et à ne même plus me préoccuper des nouveautés. Cela dit, j’aime bien le petit haut de J. Lauren. D’ailleurs, j’adore ta version !

  • 16 June 2016

    Totally agree with Je vous le donne Emile – much of a muchness. $14 for a boxy tee! Grainline have a free tee pattern very similar, and so do Tessuti…. So many tees… each the perfect one…… and so many shapeless dresses… one feels some of them are issuing patterns because they feel they have to….. Thank god for Pauline Alice!

    I’m curious about, but can’t get into their site.

    Thanks once again for this monthly round up! you shouldn’t apologise for posting it later than usual – you do us a favour:)

  • 16 June 2016

    c’est vrai que j’y trouve de moins en moins de surprises et de plaisir aussi… mais il reste des bons classiques à détourner à l’infini chez les plus anciennes marques je trouve…

  • 16 June 2016

    En effet, on dirait que le marché des patrons indie est entrain de se saturer. Beaucoup de choses sont pareilles ou trop simples. Quand je vois un patron comme le dernier de Grainline Studio, je ne peux m’empêcher d’y voir une grande absence d’originalité, voire une certaine paresse. Mais bon, ce n’est pas grave et c’est même bon pour les couturières qui veulent se refaire une santé financière : exit la tentation de dépenser!

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