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Here is my article on the Lush Cardigan … You have the right to say that I was late, or even took a little too much time to write this post. Because it’s true! But it is here!

Ahhh this project, I love it so much. I knew I would like it, but to be honest, I didn’t think I would love it as much! I wear it and wear it and wear it again. And sometimes I wash it too, obviously!

I started to knit this jumper in June, and I had to wait to be alone in Brittany in August without my daughter for two weeks to actually work on it and finish it in only a few days. I’ve noticed this pattern on Ravelry for quite a while, but it is by seeing a sample version in the shop Ginger’s Studio in Edinburgh in May, that I really made my mind about it. I needed it! So I bought the pattern, and found my yarn in Edinburgh as well, but this time at Be Inspired Fibers. It’s a Madeline Tosh yarn, quality Tosh Sport, 100% merino superwash (so machine washable). The color is Silver Leaf, and I bought three skeins for this project. I was afraid to be a bit short on yarn but I had just enough in the end!This pattern is relatively accessible if you have already knitted a few projects before. I really like the construction: you start with the lace that is knit flat, then you have to block it to give it its beautiful shape. Once done, you need to pick up the stitches of one side to knit the neckline, then pick up the stitches of the bottom to knit the body. The stitches on the front are then picked up to knit the button plackets.

As I was afraid not to have enough yarn to knit my entire project, I decided to put the body on hold and knit the sleeves first as I wanted to change the 3/4 sleeves of the pattern for long sleeves. So I added a few more decreases to get them more fitted at the wrist, and I love the result. I actually managed to have a good body length, and it’s perfect to wear with dresses.As I’ve heard that this yarn was supposed to stretch quite a lot, I’ve been careful not to choose a size too large, because this project is pretty when the lace is well fitted. So I decided to go with the size 11-12 years according to my measurements (yes you read it correctly ….) and the result is perfect. For your information, in my case I didn’t find that this yarn was stretching. However, this cardigan will require a second blocking a little bit more aggressive on the sides because I find that the button placket tends to open a little too much. It is worn like that (and even more open) on the presentation model but I don’t find it very pretty. Being afraid to block it too much the first time, I didn’t pin the sides, but I will have to next time.

I alternated skeins every two rows for the body, and every rows for the sleeves. So as you can see I have some stripes on my sweater. The lace has been knitted vertically, and then positioned horizontally, so you may notice that it does not have the same colour as the rest of the sweater because the shades are not in the same direction! But I don’t find it shocking.
This project is clearly my favourite of the year, and I cannot wait for spring to wear it again. We took these photos in the campsite in September. It doesn’t feel like you’re in a campsite, is it? Thank you to my partner for these shots! And good evening to all!


  • 20 October 2017

    Ce cardigan est magnifique!
    Il est très élégant avec sa dentelle, et ton choix de laine lui va parfaitement! Bravo!

  • 20 October 2017

    Vraiment très joli! Je l’ai fait pour ma fille et j’hesitais a m’en tricoter un, mais là je suis convaincue.

  • 20 October 2017

    Superbe ce cardigan ! L’empiècement en dentelle est du plus bel effet, notamment au niveau des épaules, c’est très féminin !

  • 2 November 2017

    Il est superbe ! J’adore le haut ajouré !

  • 4 November 2017

    Il est magnifique !!! Notamment la dentelle, superbe !

  • 26 November 2017

    Tres joli rendu en gris je suis en train de le tricoter donc dabord la dentelle je suivais le dessin “chart ” mais je faisais beaucoup d’erreurs… j’ai redessiné ligne par ligne avec les symboles et je me sens mieux j’ai fait trois motifs puis rémaillé dans l’autre sens et j’avais bloqué légèrement pour voir le rendu et j’aime beaucoup … je tricote avec un fil 100% laine brin assez tordu qui est facile à tricoter et ne s’abime pas au détricotage nombreuses fois pour moi … j’ai hâte de passer à la suite du gilet … c’est sympa de le voir si joliment porté merci pour ton enthousiasme pour le tricot et ta douceur quand tu expliques … j’ai en favoris le dandelion en rose pour ma petite fille de trois ans patron déjà achète… a suivre donc
    bonne soirée

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