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Kensington Market { Toronto }

Hello Everyone! Not a sewing post today but I wanted to share with you a place I really like. I had the chance to go back to Toronto two weeks ago so I took the opportunity to go back to my favorite area of the city : Kensington Market. Next to Chinatown, this area is quite small, only 4 streets ish but the ambiance is so nice and chill. The name : Kensington Market. If you like vintage shops, thrift shops and street art, it is the right place! In the same style as Mile-End in Montreal of Camden in London (UK), it is nice to spend few hours there on a week end and slowly wandering through all the shops.

Before showing you the pictures, I wanted to give you a list of my favorites shops there, so here we go!

 Courage my love : a vintage shop where you can find tones of leather boots, cashmere clothes, jewellery and accessories. It’s one of the most famous. 

 Exile : If you’re interested in 70’s glitter or 80’s glam rule, go there! But you will easily find a selection of vintage object and clothes, some leather motorcycle jackets and flashy colours! Worth a try.

– King of Kensington is a small boutique where you’ll find a lot of plaid shirts outside and nice vintage coats. It is the best place to find old and new fur.

– The perfect place for sport jersey on offer would be Urban Catwalk.

– And finally, the shop where I spent the most time would definitely be Vintage Depot. This shop offered a huge selection of classic and contemporary clothes organised by colours. If like me this winter you’re looking for jumpers, go there! I found this nice Hollister jumper for only 16$! Good deal!

Then continue your walk and stop by cheese in Cheese Magic! You could stop to one of the chinese shop too if you wanted to find a cheap hat or gloves. Finally, go for a coffee in one of the very nice trendy coffee place. Now let’s have a look at pictures!  











IMG_9476 IMG_9475







Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Have a nice week folks!


  • 13 November 2014

    Même les vélos sont vintage. J’adorerai y faire un tour.

  • 13 November 2014

    Hiiiiiii, j’adore Kensington Market ! Et tes photos rendent vraiment honneur au quartier ! 🙂
    (quand j’habitais Toronto, aller manger à China Town puis me balader dans Kensington était mon petit rituel du dimanche :))

  • 31 October 2016
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