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I Tested : the Baby Memory Box, from Cheerz

Hello everyone! Today I’m writing to you a new Lifestyle article. You may have noticed that I love photography. I don’t try to have a professional rendering (it would be impossible on my small level) but I like to experiment, find new angles, discover new things. For example, it is very important for me to offer you a good quality content on this blog, and showing you nice pictures is a part of it (and my boyfriend is quite good at it too even if he actually doesn’t like to take pictures!)

However, with digital photos (because I also like to take pictures with my film camera), I always ask myself this question : how could I print them? How can I do to keep them? I make albums like most of you, but then, if I want to keep a certain picture, How can I do? And what if I lost everything on my hard drive? (Because it has already happened …) Anyway! Way too many questions am I right?! So I chose to make albums, while printing from time to time the most beautiful photos. I have hundreds of pictures of Alice on my laptop, and I wish she could have access to then when she is adult … But where could I store them?!

A few weeks ago, Cheerz offered me to test their ‘Baby Memory Box’, which is a special baby box. I thought that the idea was great, so I decided to try it and tell you my opinion about it!

The Baby Memory Box is a souvenir box that you can fill throughout time during your baby’s first year. It comes with 12 dividers, and 12 months pictures, to sort your pictures month by month. When you order it, you can choose between 100 photos to print, or 300. You can also choose  to fill it with retro prints (8×10cm), square prints (10×10cm) or classic prints (10×15cm). I hesitated for a very long time but I went for the classic prints!

The site is very easy to navigate, and I had no problem with the quality of my photos as on some sites. As elsewhere, you can load more photos and select only the 100 (or 300) that you are interested in later. Also, be aware that when you order your box and your number of photos, you have 365 days to print them. No need to do everything in one go at the end (which is what I did, and it was sometimes hard to remember exactly how many months Alice was on some pictures), but you can do it every month, every 3 months … it’s very flexible. The delivery was very fast, just a few days for the box and less than 48 hours for the photos.

In all honesty, I found the print quality of the pictures really good. I started last year to make a birth album for Alice, and I had ordered my photos on another website and I had been very disappointed with the quality (the photos were very dark). For what good is the use of good and expensive photo equipment, if then the prints are bad ?!

I am very happy to have this nice box in her room, and as you can see, she took a real pleasure in taking out all the photos at once (I then had to reclassify everything !!). I find that this is a very good idea for a birth gift, because it ‘forces’ parents to print the photos, rather than leaving them on the computer, and moreover it changes!

So if you are interested, Cheerz gave me the RZSG4T code which allows 100 of my lucky readers to get 10% off their Cheerz purchases with a minimum of £ 20 (I do not get commission on this code). I used the English version of the site, but it also exists in the rest of Europe. It offers this box but also photo albums, classic prints … just go have a look!

And please, do not hesitate to tell me about your experience with this site!


  • 26 April 2017

    Bonjour Anna,
    Une chose est sûre, c’est que tes photos sont toujours très réussies et sont une des raisons pour laquelle j’ai tout de suite accroché à ton blog.
    Merci pour ce retour, je trouve que c’est très mignon comme concept et grâce à ce code, deux petites puces qui ont pointé le bout de leur né il y a quelques mois pourraient bien en profiter !
    Bonne journée

  • 26 April 2017

    Bon plan cette memory box! Je vais y jeter un œil avec l’arrivée de ma deuxième et pourquoi pas pour le premier aussi! On a tendance à tout garder en numérique malheureusement !

    Merci pour l’info !

  • 27 April 2017
    Hermine Bleue

    bonjour Anna !
    très belle idée cette boite à photos !
    reste à savoir à partir de quel age tu peux la mettre entre les mains de l’intéressée sans tout retrier car si chaque fois qu’ elle regarde les photos 10 mn, tu classe 1/2h, tu risque de te lasser avant elle !!!
    bonne journée, ne te découvre pas d’un fil !

  • 7 May 2017

    Oh super!! Je n’utiliserai pas la Baby Memory Box (mon premier bébé va souffler ses 17 bougies ce mois-ci et mon dernier bébé à eu 9 ans le mois dernier 🙂 ) mais je pensais que Chez était juste une application sur téléphone et je viens de voir que non!! Super, je vais pouvoir finaliser mes photos cabine et photos polaroïd pour décorer mon “atelier” couture!! Merci!!

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