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Green Seamstress projet #3

Here we are again! A new sewing article on the blog! And good news, there are two others that are ready and will follow very soon! Have I found the sewing modjo will you ask me? Well … yes and no. As usual, I work with sewing crush and when I have one, I want to do it right away. But I also become more and more finicky with the lack of time I have for sewing.

But it does not matter, because for the moment, here is an article! Today, I present you my project number 3 of the Green Seamstress for Les trouvailles d’Amandine. And unfortunately, it is not a success (but I’m not sure you realize it on the photos).For this project number 3, we had to choose a poplin from the selection that had been made by the brand. I received samples in September, and I had to make my choice for all the projects at that time (which I found quite difficult). All the fabrics had inspired me except …. the poplin. I have to admit that I am not a big fan of this kind of fabrics, and it did not inspire me at all. I still planned to make a blouse, which for me was the best for this type of fabric. Regarding the colors, same thing, I was not very convinced … Not that the poplin from Les Trouvailles d’Amandine is less good than other brands (because I have the same opinion for all poplins in general ), but I found the color quite old even before washing. So I went for the navy blue, a rather safe choice for my wardrobe.
I had first (in September so!) planned to make the Nellie shirt from RDC, but in the end, when the french brand Dessine-moi un patron released the Bloom top/dress, I wanted to make it right away. If it was up to me, I would have made it in a gingham fabric. But for this project, it was the poplin that I had to sew. As I planned to make a blouse from the beginning, so I had the necessary yardage to do it, as well as the buttons also provided by the brand.
Regarding the pattern, I found it very well explained and easy to achieve. The pieces are drawn on a relatively stiff paper (which I prefer) and they do not overlap. It requires a little patience to properly sew the details, but nothing complicated in itself. Another version will be done later for sure! The only thing that I changed from the original pattern is the back of this top: it is supposed to be relatively long and round, which I did not really like. So I cut it straight so it was easier to wear.

So, what do I dislike about this project, will you ask me? Well you’ve probably understood already, it is the poplin-pattern association. Poplin is a material too ‘rigid’ for this kind of small blouses, and it is not drapey at all. In addition, the details were relatively difficult to sew in this fabric, and the facings don’t stay in place inside. They would require an invisible seam all along, but there would be small dots visible on the outside …Generally, when I sew this kind of poplin, it is to use it as a lining of a garment, but not as an outer fabric. And it’s a bit the effect that gives me on this top. For this project, I have not really been able to fulfill the green seamstress criteria of sewing a thoughtful, long-lasting project for the simple reason that I am not sure about wearing this blouse. But sewing is also that, successes and … failures! Fortunately, project # 4 is a huge favorite that I still wear today! And I can not wait to show it to you !!

Have a good week!


  • 14 June 2018

    Je trouve ce haut très sympa et il te va à ravir !
    C’est vrai que ce n’est pas évident de trouver l’accord parfait patron – tissu. J’avoue que c’est mon gros problème du moment. Du coup j’hésite j’hésite … et je ne passe jamais à l’action.

  • 18 June 2018

    Je le trouve plutôt joli ton haut. Il est très bien cousu, tu as apporté beaucoup de soin aux finitions et il te va très bien. Sur les photos le tombe semble parfait, mais c’est toi qui le porte. En tout cas ce bleu est sublime. Très jolies photos dans un parc magnifique

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