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Green Seamstress project #4

Hello everyone! Here I am again as promised for a new sewing article, the 4th and last for the Green seamstress project with Les Trouvailles d’Amandine. This time the fabric was double gauze: one of my favourite fabric! As explained in the last article, I received the samples in September and I had to select the fabric I wanted to sew. I had spotted this double gauze for a very long time already, and I have to say that it took me time to choose between the light blue and light pink. Having originally planned to make a new Suzon shirt from Republique du Chiffon, I didn’t want to have two in pink and so I decided to take the blue fabric instead. I, of course, loved this fabric as soon as I received it! It is so sweet and pleasant, it is a real treat. In addition, it is reversible which can be a real plus depending on the project you want to make.

I waited a little bit before sewing this project as the weather didn’t really motivate me to sew a summer fabric … As I needed to sew this project for late June at the latest, I decided to make it in May when I came back from my vacation. I started by taking the Suzon pattern out before we left for Greece but then I decided to change this project. I love my Suzon shirt that I wear quite regularly, but I don’t always find it practical to wear under a cardigan because of the large ruffle. So I realized that one in my wardrobe was actually enough.Having changed my mind for Suzon, I immediately thought of this dress pattern. The bad news for you if you like it is that it is a vintage pattern that is not available online. I was lucky that a friend sent me her pattern after I loved her version. I copied my size last year and sent it back to her but had neither the time nor the courage to sew a summer dress last year given the weather we had … and I was right to wait! So I took the pattern out, I washed my fabric, I cut it and …. I started it straight away after coming back from my holiday!

I decided to cut the smallest size (T32) even if it just matched my measurements and was even smaller on the waist and hips. As my friend told me that the pattern was sizing  quite large, I preferred to go with that size and I was right.The dress is actually quite simple. It’s a dress with darts on the front and back of the bodice, a large ruffle all around the neckline and a gathered skirt. It is possible to add a belt but I didn’t find it necessary. And I am happy with the fit, it’s perfect!
After wearing it a few times and following the photos, I decided to reduce the length of the skirt which I found too long. I removed 3cm and it is way better now! As you can see in one of the photo below, the skirt was around the middle of the knees. It is now just above the knees and I prefer it this way.

Apart from that, I didn’t have any particular difficulties to sew this pattern. It takes a bit of time to make nice finishes and the ruffle but that’s it. I tried as I could to match the fabric pattern everywhere and the result is …. half successful! Some parts are perfect and others a little less. But honestly it’s not a problem considering the small size of the squares.
What I like most about these type of fabrics is that they are extremely soft, and breathable. Another big plus of this fabric is … that it is not transparent! And that’s really nice because it is possible to make anything you want in it.

So… as said before, the project # 3 was not a great success … but this one is definitely a win! I love it!

What do you think? Do you like double gauze? Have you ever sewed vintage patterns?
Very nice weekend to all!

Fabric : Lange, Les Trouvailles d’Amandine

Dress : vintage pattern, S 32

Shoes : Saltwater sandals


  • 16 June 2018

    Elle te va à ravir !

  • 18 June 2018

    Je suis complètement charmée par cette robe. J’aime beaucoup l’encolure creusée et le dos échancré, bordés par le volant. C’est très féminin et raffiné. Cette double gaze est une tuerie le bleu est magnifique. Tu es ravissante ! J’aime coudre la double gaze même si je trouve que ça se déforme un peu.

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