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February and March pattern update

Hello everyone! I’m really happy to write to you today for the February and March indie pattern update! I’m a bit late for this article and I’m really sorry for that, but I’ve been so busy between the move and my English test that I just couldn’t take time to write on the blog! But I should be able to post a few articles this month so Yay for that ! There have been many new patterns the last few weeks so here is my selection!

* Collection *

– You may have seen already, but the last Deer & Doe was released a few weeks ago, with three new patterns in the shop: The Luzerne trench coat, the Goji skirt/shorts and the Hoya top. I admit that my favourite is the trench as it seems to have a lot of nice details! Unfortunately I won’t have enough time to make it for Spring, but we’ll see for this Autumn! Deer & Doe Patterns are now available in paper and in PDF! And the old patterns are being re-edited. Note also that the Pdf patterns now go up to size 52.

– Two new patterns have just been released by Megan Nielsen, just in time for Spring : The Flint pants and shorts, and the Rowan bodysuit/top. I had the pleasure to wear them for the photoshoot of the last issue of Suzy Magazine, and I loved the shorts version with this pretty bow on the side. The patterns are available in paper or pdf format, from size XS to XL.

Named Patterns released the collection PlayGround with no fewer than 10 new patterns! You can find them all in the shop, and they are available in paper and pdf format.

– There is a new sewing patterns company in England, and it’s Nina Lee London. They recently released three patterns. Personally I’m in love with the Bloomsburry blouse that really suits my style ! The patterns are available in pdf version.

– Three new patterns have also been released  by Pauline Alice for Spring : you can find the Denia blouse, the Botanic pants and the Tello jacket in the shop.

* Tops *

CocoWawaCrafts has just released her second pattern : the Lily top, which is also available as a dress. It features an original sailor collar and raglan sleeves. The pattern is available in pdf format from size UK6 to UK18, in English.

– Have you seen that!! The Sorbetto pattern from Colette Patterns has been reissued, with new options available, but is still free! Go for it!

– The latest pattern released by Cashmerette is a knit top named Dartmouth, graded from size 12 to 28 and available in paper and pdf format.

– New knit top as well from Straight Stitch Designs with the Bryant pattern, available in Pdf format. It’s a knit dolman top with a boatneck and two sleeve options : short sleeve cuffed version or long sleeve. The second pattern which was recently released by this brand it is the Phinney Ridge cardigan.

– New pattern released by Sew Caroline is the knit top Primrose Peplum, available in pdf version.

– At the end of March, Jennifer Lauren released a new sewing pattern : the Juniper cardigan, available in pdf version. It’s a nice cardigan that allows you to play with different fabrics, and there are several different lengths options.

– While we are all waiting for the new Spring collection, République du Chiffon has released the Agnes top pattern, which is available in Pdf format. A perfect top for beginners.

– First pattern for Madys : the Nikki blouse. It has pleated panels on the front and one on the back for a touch of femininity. Two versions are possible : straight or asymmetric inserts (longer down the back). I cannot wait to see more versions but I love this pattern!

– Several patterns have been released by Sew Over It recently, and the first on the list is a Kimono jacket, perfect for Spring, easy to sew and available in pdf version.

Hey June Handmade released the Trevi pattern which is available in either a top version or dress, in pdf format.

* Dresses *

– Recently, it was the return of the brand Victory Patterns with the Jackie dress, available in Pdf format. It’s a knit dress that has several panels, and is available in long or short skirt, long sleeves or sleeveless.

– New dress from Dessine-moi un patron with the Austen pattern : It’s a pretty summery dress with a scalloped flat collar, and small buttons on the shoulder line. I’m totally in love with the collar! The pattern is available in paper format.

Sew Caroline has just released the Coffee Shop dress, a very basic knit pattern which is perfect for beginners. The pattern is available in pdf format. Know that she will release her first sewing pattern book called ‘Sew Caroline Weekend Style’ in a few days, and that the Coffee shop dress is sent to you free of charge if you pre-order her book.

– New released from Sew this Pattern with the Daphne Day dress, which has a very nice open back and a pleated skirt. The pattern is available in pdf format.

– New dress just released by Ready to Sew : the pattern is called Jolene, and I really like all the details, it’s so feminine! It is available in a dress version but also as a blouse, in pdf version.

– Another pattern quite easy to sew and very casual is the Scarlet Swing dress by Greenstyle Creations, and is available in pdf format.

* Pants and skirts *

– New skirt available from Wear Lemonade : the pattern is called Ada and it is available in paper version. It is a pencil skirt, knee length, with an elasticated waist and a pretty belt to tie at the front. The second pattern recently released by this brand is the Fiona overalls.

Sew Over It has recently released the Lizzie skirt, which is a pretty simple skirt with pleats. The pattern is available in pdf format.

– If you look for a nice trousers pattern to wear without looking like you are wearing your pyjamas, you can have a look at the latest pattern from Itch To Stitch : the Tierras Joggers, available in pdf version.

* Coats and jackets *

– Another new pattern from Sew Over It is the Chloe coat but it’s only available through the online workshop. Sadly, you cannot order it without the course.

* Lingerie and more *

– Two new patterns have been released by Ohhh Lulu : The Romy Bra, but also the Celestial panties. The patterns are available in pdf format.

– New bra from Cloth Habit with the Harriet pattern, available in pdf format.

– Another panties pattern has been released but this time by Sophie Hines : the Arccos Undies is available in pdf version.

– If you want to make a sporty outfit, know that Hey June Handmade has just released a yoga pants pattern : the Mountain Yoga Pants, available in pdf version.

Happy sewing to all of you!



  • 10 April 2017

    Merci pour toute ces infos

  • 10 April 2017

    J’avais loupé l’information sur la sortie de la salopette Wear Lemonade, je l’attendais avec impatience depuis la sortie de la collection Prêt à Porter !! Merci merci pour ta sélection toujours super utile 🙂

  • 10 April 2017

    Bonsoir Anna,
    Merci pour cet article ( et les autres…). Il m’a permis de découvrir la marque Itch to Stitch et son Tierras Woven Joggers – exactement le patron que je cherchais. Je n’ai jamais cousu de patron en anglais, il va falloir maintenant que je me lance.

  • 12 April 2017

    Merci beaucoup pour la référence!

  • 12 April 2017

    Merci pour ton travail !
    Il y a de tout et pour tous les goûts …

  • 12 April 2017

    Super, un nouveau cardigan. Merci 🙂

  • 13 April 2017

    Thanks so much for including Lily! ???? xxxxx

  • 16 April 2017

    Une nouvelle fois j’en découvre beaucoup! Merci Anna Pour ce récapitulatif!

  • 26 April 2017

    Merci ,nous sommes à chaque fois impatientes de découvrir ta sélection de patrons…nous avons comme toi un gros coup de coeur pour le trench Luzerne.

  • 8 May 2017

    C’est super tous ces patrons indépendants.
    J’avais une petite question, j’ai accouché récemment et j’ai loin d’avoir retrouver ma morphologie d’avant-grossesse et je cherche des robes qui pourraient cacher tous les petits défauts et qui ne se ferment pas avec des fermetures éclairs. J’ai par exemple cousu une aubépine de D&D resserrer à la taille que j’adore et je me demandais si quelqu’un connaitrait des patrons dans le même genre… Merci beaucoup 😉

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