Q & A


  • What’s your name and where do you live?

My name is Anaïg, I French (Breton more exactly), and I have quite recently settled down with my partner and our daughter in the United Kingdom. We left our lives in Europe in 2012 to move to Quebec (Montreal), but we decided to come back in the fall of 2016 to get closer to our families. We now live in the south of England.

  • When did you start your blog and why?

I launched this blog in December 2013, with the advice of a friend. I had just gone back to sewing and bought a sewing machine in Canada, but I did not know anyone with whom to share my passion. So I started this blog, and I registered on several DIY community websites. It allowed me to share my experience, my projects, but also to meet great people..

  • Since when do you do sew and knit?

I learned to sew as a child in my grandma’s attic (aka huge sewing room) with my cousins. We learned on  vintage Singer machines, first without needles to understand how to use the pedal, then with a needle (but wireless!) to learn to sew a straight line and finally, with thread! We also sewed a lot by hand before finally learning to sew on an electric machine!
I then took lessons at an association in my city when I was in secondary school. People use to bring their own project and could ask for help to the lady when needed. It was a beautiful experience.
Today I sew without taking lessons, but I do not hesitate to seek for help on the internet when I need to.

Regarding knitting I got really into it when I got pregnant in the spring of 2015. I knew some knitting basics but I did not know how to read a pattern. I started going to a knitting tea shop in Montreal, and I made some nice friends who helped me a lot. Today I take a great pleasure to knit, and I progress quickly enough.

I released my very first pattern in September 2016, and since then, I now work as a full time knitwear designer and I love every single minute of it!

  • How do you manage to make complicated projects so quickly?

I choose only the projects I absolutely love. In this way, I sometimes start a project without really thinking about the difficulty. I spend a lot of time looking for tutorials on the internet if there is a technique or a particular stitch that I do not know, and that’s how I manage to do it!

  • What sewing machine and knitting tools do you use?

My sewing machine is a HUSQVARNA Emerald 116, and my serger is a  Baby Lock BL 097.

Regarding knitting, I’m all about the hiya hiya interchangeable kit!
– Kit complet d’aiguilles à  tricoter circulaires interchangeables hiyahiya – sharp 5″ (12.50cm) petit

– HiyaHiya Set d’aiguilles interchangeables en acier inoxydable Grand modèle 12,7 cm.

  • Do you make money from your blog?

I launched this blog to share my passion for hand-made. I invest a lot in my projects, but also in the articles that I present to you either for the part where I write the articles, the photographs, or the design of the blog. I sometimes get paid to write sponsored articles, but this is always mentioned at the end of the article.
You must know that all projects that I sew and knit are intended to be worn everyday. I sometimes receive free patterns, but I still give you a sincere opinion on them.

I also use from time to time on my blog the affiliation: that is to say that when I link a product in an article, I get a small commission if this one is bought but it costs nothing to the buyer. However, not all links in this site are affiliated. Know that I recommend only products that I really like and that are likely to please the greatest number.

As I’m now working full-time as a knitwear designer, my main income comes from the knitting patterns that I create and sell on Ravelry. My patreon page helps me to get a more regular income thanks to the behind the scenes content I share on that platform. I often write articles for sewing magazines as well.

  • What advice would you give to someone who wants to start sewing and / or knitting?

Just go for it! I know it’s sometimes difficult with everything you have to deal with on a daily basis: work, outdoor activities, family, but I think you should not say to yourself: “I would never have time it’s too difficult “and instead go ahead and try! It’s so rewarding afterwards!