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Coco, once again.

No, no, you’re not dreaming! You are reading a sewing article for women! It has been a while since I’ve made sewing projects for myself. On top of that, I recently realized that I forgot to post many of my spring projects! Like my Cambie dress that I’ve made for a wedding in May, but also the Alize top from Atelier Scammit …. I promise that I will post them next spring.

In the meantime, after nearly 3 months without sewing and trouble to find the motivation to actually sit behind my sewing machine (it wakes up my daughter during her naps, and I am too tired in the evenings …), I motivated myself yesterday and I finally sewed two dresses! The first one is the one I’m going to talk about today, and the second will be my project number 1 for the LTA Green Seamstress for Les Trouvailles d’Amandine, which I will post soon (as soon as we can find time to snap some pictures!).

My first sewing project is therefore …. the Tilly & The Buttons Coco Dress. A pretty dress in knit fabric, with a little vintage style that I love. I had already sewn it almost 3 years ago, in a nice fleece fabric, unfortunately it went to the dryer and shrunk … (I assure you, it’s not me who dared to put my fleece dress in the dryer). What a disappointment! So as you could guess, I really wanted to make another one but I was waiting for the perfect fabric.So last week I ordered a breton stripes knit fabric on Tilly & The Buttons website, which was supposed to be perfect for Coco. As I wanted a sailor dress for ages, it was perfect! Unfortunately I have to confess that I’ve been quite disappointed when I received it. I was expecting a fabric rigid enough to give this perfect vintage look that the Coco dress has, a bit like the fabric they sell on Vêtements de Marins, and that I used a few years ago for a  pregnancy dress. In other words, a fabric that is not too floppy and holds the shape well like a fleece fabric. However, in my opinion, this fabric would be perfect for a sweatshirt, but not really for a dress.I decided to use it anyway, and hoped for the best! I can’t tell you how long it took me to just cut the different parts of this dress, as I was trying to match the stripes!! Probably about two hours… The fabric was so floppy, that I just couldn’t get the matching I wanted. I even had to use fabric starch to try to make it more rigid. I thought it would be a quick and easy project, but I actually spent more time cutting the pieces, than sewing the dress. A real problem? No, of course not. Well, in fact, yes!
Anyway, once cut, it went well and it was quick to sew. What a real pleasure to use my serger again! I’ve made the size 2 but eventually I had to reduce quite a bit the top of the dress, especially the sleeves and armholes that were too big. Yet it is this size that I had made for the fleece version. As you can see, depending on the fabric you use, the size can change too.
The only change I made was to add a neckband. Initially, you’re supposed to make an inner hem on a boat neck, or there is also a turtleneck option. I planned to do the neckline boat, but unlike my fleece version, it was falling on the shoulders and I wasn’t feeling confortable. The neckband helps, and it’s better now.

Apart from that, I don’t have much to say, as I really like this pattern : it is a pretty basic and confortable dress, but with a little vintage and fun style. A nice little dress which is very easy to wear!

Good evening to all!


  • 14 November 2017

    Bonjour Anna,
    ta robe est vraiment superbe, comme tout ce que tu fais d’ailleurs !
    je vois justement que tu parles de “couper les pièces pour que les raccords soient parfaient; peux-tu, si un jour tu en as le temps, faire un petit tuto là dessus; je voudrais essayer de faire un pantalon à carreaux et je ne sais pas trop comment faire pour couper mon tissu !
    C’est toujours génial de te lire ou de t’écouter !
    Braco !

  • 20 November 2017

    Oh ! c’est super ! D’avance merci !!

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