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KAL Nordic 2017

Hello everyone ! I hope you’re having a good week! Today I’m writing to you to tell to you all about the 2017 Fair-isle KAL, called Nordic KAL!

So let’s start by : what is a KAL? It is a Knit Along, that starts from a certain day, and finishes on a definite date : we knit together either an identical pattern or a pattern in a given theme. Last year we did the Lighthouse KAL, which consisted of knitting MadderMade’s Lighthouse.

Lighthouse – MadderMade – Shepherd’s wool.

This year I wanted to organise a fair-isle KAL again because you really liked the first one. But rather than choosing a specific pattern, this time I leave you the choice of the model. The pattern needs to feature fair-isle obviously : stripes alone are not accepted!

Everything will happen on the Ravelry community knitting site : I therefore advise you to register (for free) if you have not already done so. You can chat with other knitters, show your progress, and ask questions.

The terms of the KAL are as follows :
It will begin November 4, 2017, and will end on February 15, 2018.

I will try to organize a contest at the end, with I hope pretty prizes (if you want to be sponsors, you’re welcome to contact me by email!). To participate, I will ask you to post a photo of the start of your project (for the sweaters) on the other discussion, as well as the picture of the finished project at the end. I will score 1 point per started projects, and 2 points per finished project (thus 1 chance / 2 chances to be drawn).

Regarding the accessories, you will have to post a photo of the finished project only, and it will give you 1 point. (so a chance to be drawn).

To help you with this technique, I refer you to my article with advice, tips and especially videos about the jacquard in the round :

Riddari Sweater – Védís Jónsdóttir- Shepherd’s wool.

For beginners, I advise you not to challenge yourself too high. Above all, make sure there are only two colors on the same row (like the Lighthouse for example, and unlike the Riddari!). Otherwise it will be more complex to manage the tension. The Branches & Buds model from MadderMade is a good choice.

Branches & Buds – Madder Made. Flora, Drops

Regarding the yarn quality : Worsted, DK or Fingering, it all depends on your motivation! I’ve made the Branches and Buds this winter in 3mm, and it was longer than a worsted jumper, but easier because only one color.

Children’s projects are of course accepted too!

Frosted Alpine Hat – Tanis Lavallée – Shepherd’s wool.

Another precision : the KAL will start on November 4th but you can of course start later if you already have too much work on your needles. As mentioned above, you have until February 15th to finish your project, so it’s up to you to manage your time! You also have the right to knit several projects during this KAL.

As well as Ravelry, you can share your projects on Instagram with the hashtag : #KALnordic17

So, are you ready?!


  • 2 November 2017

    Ce sera mon premier Kal! Je participe avec beaucoup de plaisir et j’ai enfin trouvé ce que je vais tricoter! A bientôt

  • 2 November 2017

    Oh oui!!! J’attends le 4 avec impatience !
    Sur IG je suis simsamlau et ravelry lolom ( je n’arrive pas à changer mon surnom)
    Le KAL dandelion m’avait vraiment plu, et je crois qu’il m’a refilé le virus du tricot !
    Alors merci pour cette jolie contagion

  • 2 November 2017

    Hello Anna,
    Quand tu as parlé de ce KAL l’année dernière j’avais déjà très envie d’y participer, j’ai donc commandé ma laine la semaine dernière, elle arrivera mi-novembre mais cela ne m’empêchera pas je l’espère de mener ce projet jusqu’au bout. Bref, c’est une excellente idée que d’organiser ce KAL et je suis motivée comme jamais !! J’ai hâte de voir les différentes réalisations autour du jacquard.

  • 3 November 2017

    Bonsoir Anna, je viens de m’inscrire sur ravelry à ce Kal sous le pseudo trioct87 et j’ai hâte de commencer.

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