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Sewing in England avec Schnittchen Patterns

Happy Sunday to all! I hope you are well and happy to have this long holiday weekend! I am writing to you today to tell you about a sewing project that I made withSchnittchen Patterns for the Sewing Around the World of April 2017.

Sewing Around the World is a project launched by the brand in 2016, to put forward some of their patterns, sewn by bloggers who live in different countries. I love the idea to see where the sewers come from! As you can imagine, I no longer represent Canada now but England!

I had the choice to choose a pattern from their shop, and I decided to sew the OHM Yoga set. This set includes three patterns, which is very interesting in terms of price : a tank top, a sweatshirt and a pair of legging. As this set had already been sewn in November by a Japanese seamstress, the idea of ​​my project was to wear the clothes differently to show you that they don’t have to sew them only for yoga or sport. Since I’ve sewn this pieces, I wear them for this purpose (because I love doing a few yoga sessions at home) but … not only!I chose to sew two pieces of this set : the tank top, and the sweatshirt. I think that I’ll be sewing the pair of legging soon, but we decided not to do it this project in the end. I chose to order the fabrics on the websiteMa Petite Mercerie. As they have a large selection of knit fabrics, I thought I would have enough choice to find three beautiful fabrics for this project! After thinking about it for quite a long time, I decided to go for the coral sweatshirt fabric (which is slightly fleeced), combined with knit tubular of the same color, and a triangle glitter knit for the tank top. Even though I found the coral fabric more flashy than on the computer when I received it, I got used to the colour and I think it suits me quite well.
This was the first time I sewed a pattern from Schnittchen, but also a set of three patterns. In paper version, the pattern is on a rather resistant sheet, which I like. It is very easy to find the different parts that are well spaced but also the different sizes. The two pieces I have sewn are relatively simple if you have already sewed knit fabrics, and are intended for beginners. However, the criticism I would have to make is the lack of diagrams. There are very few which makes reading the instructions more difficult! The instructions are mixed in German and English (one language in italics and the other one is not), which, in my opinion is visually is quite unclear. Generally when I sew, I read the instructions quickly but I tend to rely on the diagrams (unless it is a difficult project like a coat for example!).
Otherwise, this pattern remains very accessible. As I am quite small, I choose to make the smallest size, and I shortened the sleeves, as well as the length of the sweatshirt and tank top. In addition, I added a strip of tubular jersey on the neckline and on the sleeves. On the other hand, I made a simple hem in the bottom of the sweatshirt as it is recommended because there is a small cut on the side.

I decided to combine these two pieces with a pair of jeans and city trainers and I love the result! My boyfriend even told me that he loved this outfit (which he doesn’t say often!) and I have worn it very regularly since I’ve sewn it!

I hope you enjoyed this new article, and I wish you a very nice long weekend! Take care of yourself and happy sewing!


  • 30 April 2017

    Les photos sont superbes et je suis bien d’accord que cette couleur te va bien. Cet ensemble a l’air bien confortable et on ne pourrait pas deviner que cela fait partie d’un ensemble pour le yoga !
    Bon week-end aussi !

  • 30 April 2017

    C’est très joli, le petit détail des coutures latérales est vraiment original. Et cette couleur te va très bien, c’est très frais!

  • 1 May 2017
    Sophie D

    Bonjour Anna,

    C’est toujours avec plaisir que je te lie.
    Concernant les patrons Schnittchen, je ne suis pas très contente de leur “relationnelle”. je t’explique pourquoi.
    J’ai acheté 3 patrons l’année dernière dont un manteau dont ils indiquaient qu’il y avait un tuto. Ce tuto je ne l’ai jamais trouvé et j’ai dû me réferer au x explications écrites, pire que Burda, et comme tu l’as dit sans aucun schémas. Bref j’ai bien galéré ! Je leur ai envoyé un mail (que j’ai même fait traduire en allemand par google) pour leur demander où se trouvait le tuto dont ils faisaient référence et…j’attends toujours !
    Pour résumer, j’aime beaucoup leur modèle mais je ne commanderais plus de patrons tant qu’ils n’auront pas développer un vrai partage avec leur client et améliorer (y’a de la marge !) leurs explications !
    Voilà mon ressenti !
    Sinon, je trouve que l’ensemble et sa couleur te vont très bien, d’ailleurs ils ont le patron d’un sweet très loose dans leur collection qui me faisait de l’oeil mais …
    Sophie D

    • 2 May 2017

      Chère Sophie!

      On a lu ton commentaire et on aimerait t’aider avec ton manteau (on ne sais pas pourquoi tu n’as pas reçu de réponse de nous …). Tu l’as déjà fini le manteau (c’était lequel?)? Sinon, écris-nous à et on va voir ce qu’on a en photo! Et si tu as besoin d’aide pour les autres photos, dis-le également!

      Nadja de schnittchen patterns

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