The inspiration behind our colours

The Along with Anna yarn, it is 6 vibrant colours, but also delicate.

How did we work on our colours? What were our inspirations? Here’s what we wanted to cover today in this new article from our journal!

Before even starting to select our bases, we thought very early about the colours we would like to offer you.

The idea was to offer you colours that respect our style, were not necessarily already available on the market, which would stick to the current trend, but would be able to last over time. A real challenge isn’t it!

In addition, we made the decision from the start to achieve the same colour palette on all our bases. So the shade had to be just as pretty in merino as in mohair.

After a lot of brainstorming, we selected around fifteen shades on which we wanted to work. We all agreed on the basic colours to study, namely neutral / nude colours like cream, gray or pink, but also deeper colours like blue, terracotta, mustard, rust …

Our spinning mill only works with custom-made colours, which gave us total creative freedom. All our colours are therefore unique!

We created inspirational moodbards, took out fabric samples we had, coloured papers, Pantones, and little by little we defined the colours more precisely.

Once these were chosen, it was time to send everything to our spinning mill for testing! What an exciting step! We have voluntarily sent many inspirations and tested several contrasts in the same shades to have as many choices as possible to select our 6 favorites.

The tests came back to us a few weeks later, and we almost all agreed on the selection of the first 6 colours!

And this is how our Colombe, Louve, Tourmaline, Royal, Châtaigne and Tomette colourways were born!







We just finished working on the three new colours for spring and we can’t wait to reveal them to you!

Any ideas ? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments!

Have a good week everyone!

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