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Along with Anna is a bit like the story of Little Thumb, who sows small stones to explore paths, but who inevitably returns to home and design. And when we sow stitch markers (have you seen the ones we just released ?? !!), no chance of getting lost (it’s not like bread)!

It is also and above all a story about passion.

Anna (Dervout) has been passionate about all sort of crafts since her childhood in Brittany.

She founded her knitting pattern company Along with Anna in 2017 after moving from Canada to England.

She creates timeless pieces for women and children, combining the softness of shapes, with more elaborate lace patterns, from plain colour to colorwork while keeping the choice of yarn, the environment and animal well-being at heart.

If you have been following Anna for some time, you will have noticed the beauty of the photographs.

It is often the work of Harry, her life partner and an attentive ear for the doubts and questions one may have when embarking in the complex world of entrepreneurship.

A eye for beauty, a confidence, a passion, Harry has only one flaw, he doesn’t knit and is often too hot, so he doesn’t want to wear knitted jumper. But let’s be nice and forgive him.

Elise takes care of all the technical part of the patterns.

She grades the patterns in the different sizes (no, it’s not that simple!), and provides comments to the proofreading of the patterns in both French and English … because Élise previously also lived across the Channel.

It is in large part thanks to Elise that Along with Anna can offer you sizes that are inclusive!

Sarah is the face behind Along avec Anna support email address, teaming up with Anna to answer any questions or hesitations from the clients.

English citizen, but bilingual and unfailingly gentle, Sarah explains and assists the brand’s clients when they encounter a difficulty or wish to make contact with us.

Charline handles her needles as well as her pencils.

She develops the graphic identity of the brand and the illustrations that you find on the patterns, the goodies and the website.

And here I am, Perrine, the latest arrival, who lives even further from the group, but who basically saw the beginnings and the first needles of Anna in Montreal.

A shadow proofreader, I popularize the topics that deserve a spotlight and raise the most questions from the brand’s customers.

Each time, born of encounters and exchanges around travel, cultures and a desire to transmit, the team of Along with Anna has evolved over the years.

With an ear, an eye, keyboards on different time zones, all these little people go to great lengths to provide you with the most precise and personalized service possible, with designs that suit you, yarns and colors that highlight your talent and creativity.



2 thoughts on “The Along avec Anna team

  1. Sue McDowell says:

    Hi I am really struggling with the Rosa cardigan pattern . The figures do not add up so on pg 6 I’m meant to have 348 sts but the breakdown of stiches only come to 344 . The pattern seems to be totally wrong

    • Anna says:

      Hi Sue,

      Could you please transfer your email to our support address : and we will help you understand the problem. The pattern has been knit a large number of time as well as tech edited so I’m not sure the problem comes from it.

      Let’s investigate together and don’t forget to tell us the size you are making please.


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