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If you have been following Along with Anna from the first moments on the website, or the Instagram page, or if you support us via Patreon, you will no doubt have understood that the subject of knitting can lead to hours of discussion (we do not will not give a name right away). If you get there by chance, the tone is set.

Some people like to knit for the pleasure of creating a new outfit or accessory, others for the moment of sharing that it generates (when looking for the pattern or when wearing their last knitted item). One thing is certain, knitting generates reactions and at Along with Anna, and we love to talk about it. Motivated by the same desire to share, we wanted to offer a new way to help and support the knitting community. The idea was to create a sort of Journal here to bring together the major topics that you are passionate about, but also question you. It is a way of keeping track of the themes that fuel our passion, of the reflections born of the values ​​of the brand, of answering the questions that challenge you about the world of fibers, of techniques, of the new products Along avec Anna, but also to know more about the behind the scenes, and the common passion which animates the team.

Perrine, who has a pen as energetic as a needle, will prepare a small program of articles for you and we don’t give ourselves any limits (apart from the number of qualifiers to describe …). Anna, the founder and creator of Along avec Anna, will also write in this journal to present the new original models, her inspirations, but also Elise, Sarah or even Charline, not left behind to provide you with their advice, and their testimonials to fuel the discussion again and again.

Bring your warm beverage (which is probably lukewarm at the end of your row) and see you soon for another page to write with Along with Anna.

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