New pattern release : Suzie sweater

Hello everyone

I did not have the opportunity to do it before its release, but I wanted to introduce the pattern released in November: Suzie sweater.
Suzie is a raglan sleeve sweater that has been designed to be very accessible to beginners. The instructions are very detailed and there are also links to videos. Be careful, however, it still has some technical challenges (it’s a garment after all): cast-on, knit and purl stitch, increasing left and right, put the sleeves on hold, cast-on new stitches, bind-off the stitches. First thing to do when you look at a pattern and you don’t understand the instructions? Go to the abbreviations page at the end, it will help you to see more clearly.

Suzie is a sweater that is knit top-down. 

It is knitted with two yarn held as one to be warm and comfortable: a fingering yarn and a mohair yarn. Know that as the gauge is 22m x 31 r = 10cm, it can also be knitted with a single DK  yarn if you prefer.

It has a wide range of sizes (finished bust measurements): 80, 85 (90, 95, 100, 105, 110) 115, 120, 125, 130cm. I recommend a positive ease between 0 and 8 cm depending what you prefer. You could go up to 10cm of positive ease, but I don’t recommend more. My version was knitted in size 85cm with 6 cm of positive ease.

What I prefer in this pattern are the small details: its large raglan, long 2/2 ribs and especially this round neckline. Regarding the yarn, I used a brand that I particularly like: The Wool Barn. Maya is a dyer who is based in England and I absolutely love all her bases and colours. Here I chose the Twist Sock base (fingering) in the Bramble colorway. It’s a beige / pink yarn with some speckles (but not too much) and I love the effect. I added a Kid Silk mohair white from Drops, which reduces the speckles effect but not too much. This sweater makes it possible to highlight a very speckled yarn thanks to its simplicity. It is very versatile and I think it’s the sweater that you need in your wardrobe: personally I think it goes with everything and I wear it a lot.

As mentioned above, if you are a knitting beginner, you can go for it! Do not hesitate to start with a pattern like the Trendy Shawl to learn the basic stitches and then it will be all good. But above all! Do not forget to refer to the explanation page and watch the video links provided in the pattern.

This pattern is available on Ravelry in French and English.

See you soon and happy knitting!


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