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Safran - Deer & Doe

I’m writing to you today to present you a sewing project that I’m really proud of! I made a pair of jeans! And slim ones! For the first time! It has been quite a long time that I wanted to sew a pair of jeans for myself, but I was afraid to do it as I never found the right pattern. I wasn’t doubting my skills to make it, more about all the effort needed to end up with the right fit on me. It looked too much of a challenge for me lately!
But last month,Deer and Doe contacted me to ask me to review their last pattern: Safran. This pattern had so many changes during the process that it doesn’t look at all like the final product. The brand needed bloggers to review it and show you how it actually fits on different bodies. I accepted this challenge straight away!DSC_6829

The only problem is that I didn’t have my sewing machine with me as I was on holidays at my parents! Glad my Nan was a sewer! I spent quite a lot of hours in her sewing room, and it was amazing to have space and a cutting table!
I had some trouble to find a good fabric, as the pattern requires a 20-30% elasticity and it was never indicated in the online shop. I ended up finding the right fabric in Tissus Myrtilles, a shop in Brittany. The assistant was very nice and showed me directly what type of fabric I needed for slim jeans. Sadly, I didn’t have much choice in the colour, so I went for blue navy.
DSC_6866 DSC_6862

I had to make a few changes on the pattern so it fits well on me as I’m smaller than the mannequin of this brand. For that, I used a pair of jeans from a shop that fits me well and took off a few centimeters on the line of the pattern, to reduce around the knees.
I’ve never made a jean zipper before so I was quite stressed but it all went well as the instructions were really precise and clear. The hardest part for me was actually to turn the pocket and not make a bump of fabric! But it’s not too bad for a first time.
DSC_6869 DSC_6839

This project was quite fast to make in the end, but I had a lot of trouble to use my nan’s sewing machine as it wasn’t as good as mine, and not really made to sew jeans. She sadly broke her very good sewing machine not long ago and had only this one for quick and simple makes. The inside finishes are not that good, but I have the project to sew another and better one on my own sewing machine.

I had to take off a few centimeters at the back as I’m quite cambered and I had too much fabric there. Next time I’ll be able to adjust on my pattern. But I think the rest of the fit is perfect! I reduced a bit of the legs at the end, because it wasn’t slim enough on me; I think that next time I could go for a size 36 everywhere but 34 for the legs. DSC_6827 DSC_6854

All that to tell you that I’m really happy of how it turned out, and you should definitely try it even if you’re afraid. I find it so rewarding to be able to sew something that you wanted for years but weren’t ready to make!
I wish you a very nice end of the week !


Pattern : Safran jeans, Deer & Doe

Size : 36

fabric : Myrtille Quimper


  • 26 August 2016

    vraiment super chouette ce pantalon, et il te va très bien!

  • 26 August 2016

    Moi j’adore ta version jean en tout cas! Bon bon bon, ça me rassure de lire ton article! Je me dis au final que je suis loin d’être la seule à être effrayée par le pantalon (oui c’est la bête noire!). J’ai hâte de voir tes prochaines versions.

  • 26 August 2016

    Rahlala, j’aime beaucoup!!! Pour une première,c’est une véritable réussite! Les photos sont également chouettes!

  • 26 August 2016

    J’aime beaucoup ta version que je trouve très seyante ! Bravo ! Effectivement je pense que la principale difficulté réside dans le choix du tissu adapté. Il sera certainement sur ma to do list d’année prochaine, j’ai déjà beaucoup de projets et tissus associés pour cette fin d’année. Mais je pense que je le tenterai !

  • 26 August 2016

    Chouette version ! T’as de la chance, tous les jeans achetés chez eux, stretch ou pas, ont dégorgés et fait des traces blanches ! (Le velours aussi, je n’y vais plus pour le tissu). Donc ça aurait pu être pire ;b

  • 28 August 2016

    Très belle réalisation ! Tu peux en être fière, il te vas parfaitement. Ta version donne envie d’essayer le patron !

  • 1 September 2016

    Moi aussi, j’ai peur de coudre un pantalon…la crainte de passer des heures à s’appliquer et au final ressembler à un sac :-(. Le tien est parfait, je vais peut-être me laisser tenter !

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